Why Big Bend

“I didn’t know Texas had anything like that!”

everyone I share my photos with

It’s difficult to articulate what it is about Big Bend, but you’ll know and understand the magic when you get there. Big Bend offers endless intrigue and a place to reflect, view the stars like you’ve never have seen before and be in solitude with nature.

Travel a few miles in any direction and your scenery rarely remains the same. From black bears inhabiting the alpine forests in the Chisos Mountains to ocotillo groves on the floor of the Chihuahuan Desert, Big Bend offers just about everything. On any hike, you may see natural springs, hot springs, canyons, abandoned mines, mountain peak views, or even hieroglyphs from ancient indigenous people. You will learn the areas rich history, why this is a paleontologist dream, and constantly view scenery that leaves you in constant awe and wonder.

That sense of exploration and wonder doesn’t stop at the National Park. There’s so much more the Big Bend area has to offer; the eclectic small towns and all of its culture, fantastic restaurant in a ghost town’s early 1900’s theater, the state park, river trips, and you can even follow in the footsteps of the popular Robert Earl Keen Jr. song “Gringo Honeymoon” as you visit the Mexican town of Boquillas.