A Note About Respect

A recurring theme throughout this guide will be respect for the park and the area around it. Respect the rules of the parks. Leave no trace of where you’ve been. When you can, always stay on a hardened surface trail path. The desert and springs are extremely delicate and we must do what we can to preserve for generations to come.

When visiting the surrounding towns, the locals want to welcome you and your business, but remember that these eclectic communities have a different pace. Don’t be that self-entitled jerk from the city and relax a bit. Also, keep in mind resources are scarce, especially water. Terlingua has a little saying, “If its yellow, let it mellow. If its brown, flush it down.” When there is an influx of tourists during the holiday seasons, water becomes more scarce. Some restaurants resort to serving on paper plates so dishes don’t have to be washed. Bottom line, be polite and conserve.

This next picture was posted by @bigbendnps Instagram account with the following statement:

We need your help!
Recently, park staff and volunteer groups rehabilitated natural areas that had been damaged by off-trail foot traffic. While traveling ‘cross country’ is allowed in the park, you can help by hiking on hardened surfaces and established trails where available. If you see these signs, please honor them. By doing this, you will help protect vegetation and prevent erosion. This desert is fragile, and with increased visitation we all need to do our part to be sure it remains unimpaired for future generations. Thank you!
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