Scenic Stops and Overlooks


I believe there are some turn-outs to view Castolon peak (Cerro Castellan), but the best place to park is on the side of the road where the ground turns white (coming from the north) and round eroded lava rocks litter the ground for a stark contrast. Exploration is exciting and not much foot traffic around here. This area makes for great pics.


Luna’s Jacal

This can be found on Old Maverick Road, a road we usually find ourselves taking towards the end of the day as it is a shortcut heading out of the park if you are on the south end of the Max Roswell Scenic Drive. It’s a cool drive that offers different views and scenery from the rest of the park. Old Maverick Road is a long dirt road and along the road, you will stumble across Luna’s Jacal. A pretty cool point of intrigue. An actual home of a local from 1890. There is an informational sign at the site that gives you interesting insight.


Boquillas Canyon Overlook

If you are just doing some driving, this lookout gives you a view of the village of Boquillas where you can see the characteristic colors of the buildings. As you walk to peer out to Boquillas Canyon, you will most likely find some trinkets for sale from our friends across the stream. These will include copper-wire art, walking sticks, and other crafts. Bring extra cash to pick up these beautiful items (wink wink).


Ocotillo and the Chisos

There is an information turn out about 6-7 miles west of Panther Junction heading towards the Rio Grande Village. I have been getting a pic of the ocotillo here every year with the Chisos Mountains in the background.


New Fossil Discovery Exhibit

Let your imagination go as you learn about this prehistoric hot spot. The National Park we have come to love was apparently once the dinosaur mecca. This exhibit has tons of information to take in. It’s amazing what this area has gone through over the years. This is easy to get to and has picnic grounds for your re-energizing lunch. It is a popular spot for families, so if you want to be one with nature on this trip and not one with someone else’s crying baby, get here super early in the morning or super late in the afternoon.


Sotol Vista

Yet another scenic overlook on the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive. This one is worth stopping to see the expansive view of this side of the park. It’s amazing, but I can never get a camera to capture what I see here. So burn it into your own memory banks and hold the memory with you. Observe the signage so you can learn about a useful plant, the sotol.

Mule Ears

An unmistakable landmark, Mule Ears is another trail off of the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive. You can get great vistas from the Mule Ears viewpoint area, but it’s the Mule Ears Springs Trail that is calling me to explore


Tuff Canyon

Tuff Canyon is on the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive. There is ample parking here and includes an overlook path where you can view the white volcanic ash canyon with ease. You can also hike down into the canyon and make a real hike out of it.