Ojito Adentro Trail

1.5 miles round trip

About: Big Bend Rand magic going on here. This is a biological diverse hike that takes you through the rocky desert, into a lush cottonwood grove (which usually signifies a spring in the Big Bend area), through some rock scrambling, and finally to a pour-off and spring with sprawling native grapevine and ferns punctuating this almost spiritual destination. You also feel ghosts of the past as you pass evidence of an old ranch that took advantage of the spring’s location.

Pros: I love springs, that’s always a pro to me. This is also an incredible birding trail for you ornithologists. Lots of different scenery.

 Cons: The vines are not so lush in the winter. I really need to come back in the spring. Also see Cons on the Fresno Canyon Lookout Trail.

Tips: You might feel you reached the end of the trail after you pass the cottonwoods and come to a bunch of boulders. PRESS ON! Through the boulder to the pour-off. You WILL know when you arrived. You also might hear bees when you start walking under the cottonwoods, but they don’t bother you.

The state park offers great maps online.


Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½