Easy Strolls

Dugout Wells / Chihuahuan Desert Trail

A green oasis that hosts tall cottonwood trees offering shade from the surrounding desert.  Hints of ranch life leads your mind to wonder and imagine what life was once here. Dugout Wells offers an area for a lunch while the neighboring Chihuahuan Desert Trail points out much of the plant life you will find on the desert floor.


The Window View Trail

This is an easy, wheelchair accessible, walk from the Chisos Basin Visitor Center. It offers mountain views and a clear picture of The Window (that point almost dissected by the sotol below). Rainwater drains to this point and created the beautiful polished rock pour off at the end of The Window Trail.


Sam Nail Ranch

Another desert oasis that gave life to an early ranch. Ruins still remain today along with two windmills.


Tuff Canyon

Volcanic activity is very evident as you pass through this area. Tuff Canyon’s beautifully carved volcanic ash walls can easily be viewed from above along a paved trail.