The Big Bend Guide

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By Adam D. Brower


Pictured: Ten Bits Ranch
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A Guide to the Big Bend

What makes Big Bend so magical? There is a tangible healing we feel when we return to nature. Nature, in good doses, is better than anything a doctor can prescribe. Science is even beginning to catch up to this. However, people don’t appreciate nature as much as they should. Furthermore, folks simply don’t get out enough to build that respect fo nature. Big Bend, a geological wonder, is one of the best places to feel nature's impact. I believe that's due to the overwhelming sense of creation. You can’t help but feel connected to the land. When you visit, take long pauses and soak it in. Don’t rush, hikes aren’t races. Let your mind go blank for a while. Then you will experience the magic of Big Bend.

We all must do all we can to preserve and protect this fragile environment. We all have to be respectful. Respect the land, the park rules, the surrounding communities, and preserve the dark skies. Stay on designated trails, leave no trace, leave wildlife alone.

-Adam D. Brower
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of this fragile environment and communities.

You are a guest, leave no trace.

According to Indian legend, when the Great Creator made the Earth and had finished placing the stars in the sky, the birds in the air, and the fish in the sea, there was a large pile of rejected stony material left over. He threw this material into one heap and made the Big Bend.

Ross A. Maxwell

First Superintendent of Big Bend National Park