Is Big Bend Open? Yes, partially.

As of 8/7/2020, Big Bend National Park will be partially open to the public again. Please go to for the latest information.

The Big Bend National Park Guide

Plan Your Trip to the Big Bend Region

By Adam D. Brower


Pictured: Ten Bits Ranch

 Planning a Big Bend National Park Trip?

Discover amazing hikes and things to do in the Big Bend area. But first, let’s talk about respect for the park and surrounding communities. Big Bend is a very fragile environment. Big Bend is a world wonder that everyone should witness, but we have to be respectful. Respect others, respect the park rules, and use common sense. Stay on designated trails, leave no trace, leave wildlife alone. Enjoy this most intriguing and beautiful land and its geological wonders.

This site has suggested itineraries to help you plan your visit as well as recommended lodging, hotels, motels, campsites and more. Let me guide you to some of the best the region has to offer. This website is an end-to-end journey of the entire region, so I suggest you click around a bit. To get a nice quick overview of the hikes and trails, start scrolling down. $0 is made from this website.

-Adam D. Brower
           Conserve, Respect & Awareness

Not-for-profit site to promote awareness and respect
of this fragile environment and communities.

You are a guest, leave no trace.

According to Indian legend, when the Great Creator made the Earth and had finished placing the stars in the sky, the birds in the air, and the fish in the sea, there was a large pile of rejected stony material left over. He threw this material into one heap and made the Big Bend.

Ross A. Maxwell

First Superintendent of Big Bend National Park