Lower Burro Mesa Pour-Off Trail

1 mile round trip

About: I consider this the easy part of a two-part hike. Here you hike through a dry creek bed as the desert begins to build walls around you. There is plenty of brush and plant life along the hike since this is one of the drain offs from the Chisos to the Rio Grande. You make your way to an impressive pour off from high above. The biggest treat is to hike the Upper Burro Mesa Pour Off-Trail and look out to the lower portion from above. Sometimes when the settled dirt at the bottom of the pour off has been washed away, it reveals large stones that have been eroded down over the last few thousand years.

Pros: Easy hike for the family with a fairly impressive payoff. But seriously, the upper pour off is where it’s at.

Cons: Hiking the soft ground of dry creek beds can really suck sometimes.

Tips: The initial part of the trail is very apparent. You’ll pass lots of rocks and cactus. Look for lizards basking on the rocks during the warm months. Once you get to the dry creek bed, take a right and follow the creek bed all the way to the end.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️½