Grapevine Hills Trail (Balanced Rock)

2 miles round trip

About: Nestled between two rocky hills with interesting formations that I guess is supposed to resemble grapevines… But I don’t know about that. This is a relatively flat hike all the way towards the end. The last bit starts of an incline up the side of the hill to the primary destination, the Balanced Rock. This is a pretty cool pay-off with a large boulder that seems to be balanced on top of other boulders. You can step under it and get a nice Instagram pic.


Pros: Really cool pay off and some opportunity just beyond the balanced rock.

Cons: The destination can get busy. You may have to wait your turn for a photo. But when you get your chance, take your time and get your shot. It’s your time, everyone else can wait a few minutes just like you waited. But really most people are really cool about it.

Tips: Don’t stop at the Balanced Rock. Keep going for some fun rock scrambling and great views of the Chisos Mountains off in the distance.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ if you go beyond the balanced rock as well.