Ernst Tinaja Trail

1.4 miles round trip

About: One of the most beautiful spots in the park to witness geology with a touch of creepiness. This small limestone canyon features a slick slide that leads to a deep pool, tinaja, of water. The sides of the pool are smooth and run straight down. Don’t ever expect to see the bottom though, because it never seems to run out of water (though some claim to have seen it dry, I’ve never seen any pictures). The levels will go up and down, but when low, it is near impossible to climb out. With the slick run off to the pool and its deep walls, this is a death trap for local wildlife. I imagine there is a bunch of bones at the bottom of the water. I wouldn’t touch it. Be careful.


Pros: It’s magical, like a fairytale. The thin layers or orange and white cast a spell around you and it all leads to something that feels almost evil. The murky death pit of despair!

Cons: You need to drive down a dirt road to reach the trailhead, though it’s not near as long as the Mariscal Mine road.

Tips: I don’t know, bring a rope? Consider the time of day and shadows in the canyon. Oh, and people report lots sunglasses, lens caps, hiking sticks are all lost to this, so be careful.

Rating: Because of its amazing awe-striking beauty: