Secrets of Big Bend

About: There are some areas of the park that are so delicate and fragile, we choose to keep those areas secret. Not only is the eco-system so volatile, these spots may be the only source of water for surrounding wildlife. As beautiful as they are, we must ask everyone to protect these areas. If we open them up to the suburban parents handing out PB&J’s, unconcerned that Gold Fish fall on the ground and that plastic bag left on the ground doesn’t really matter, the most natural and awe-inspiring wonders of the park will certainly be destroyed. Keep the secrets secret. If you become serious about Big Bend along your way, the secrets will reveal itself one way or another. It may be a conversation at the Starlight Theater or a trusted guide who thinks you can handle the obligations.

The point of me including this section is to encourage conservation. This is my attempt to educate people on the sensitive eco-system the park processes. Always practice “leave no trace” and as mentioned throughout this guide, respect the park, its rules, and its employees.



Pros: Heaven on Earth.

 Cons: If an unaware, or uncaring parent, encourages their kids to get in the water for a picture, the environment sustains damage.

Tips: Respect, respect, respect, and conserve. I cannot stress this enough.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️