Boot Canyon Trail

2.8 miles long | ½ day hike candidate: No

About: This trail has a lot going on which makes it very intriguing with its changes the entire length. Trees running streams, dramatic desert canyon vistas with an interesting formation which is also it’s namesake.

The trails length is 2.8 miles but takes a minimal of 3.5 miles just to reach the trail. Double that for round trip. If you hike the length of Boot Canyon, you will not want to stop there. It leads you straight to the South Rim Trail which has the most dramatic and breathtaking views in the park.

Pros: Lush valleys with running water to exceptional mountainous vistas. Offers shaded portions.

Cons: No direct access, you have to hike (typically The Pentacles) to get to it.

Tips: Listen closely. Stef, my wife, stopped us upon the trail and said, “wait, there’s something big moving in the woods”. We paused and started glancing into the woods. There we noticed a black bear, minding his own business looking for nuts and berries, off in the distance. He was a big boy too.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️